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Some interesting reading from the past couple of weeks, in no particular order, that I meant to write about then but didn't get around to until now.

  1. Applying Divine Proportion to Your Web Designs (via Vinny)
  2. 10 Books on Investing Recommended by Warren Buffett (via Kottke)
  3. Kurzweil on the approaching Singularity
  4. A good Minnesota point-of-view on meetings: the blizzard goggle test.
  5. You can't give away five quid. (via Boing Boing -- not sure, myself, if I wouldn't be overly skeptical of the offer, either)
  6. How to Sell Security
  7. Curt writes about his Dad on Memorial Day
  8. and tugs at the heart strings, writing about a fire
  9. Zappos bribes new employees after their first week: quit now for $1,000! (via Mark Hurst)

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Wonderfull post

curt said:

2 links linkyfied in 1 post? Do I owe you money or something?

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