Mmm... bacon...

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Bacon wrapped in sausage wrapped in bacon. Yikes. It's a Bacon Explosion!

Something Else To Occupy My Time This Fall

This looks like a great little game, due out in the end of October.


I still play Diablo II now and then, when I'm up for some random dungeon crawling. And while D3 is still years away from completion, this has such a fun, unique, steampunky feel to it.

That and I love this quote on game design and development. Emphasis mine.

Runic Games has a fundamental belief that "you always have and maintain a playable build of the game, all the time" which is directly attributable to Travis Baldree's previous projects. It was with this philosophy that we took our shell of a game and alternated between playing it and iterating on the various elements.

As a group we're probably outside of the norm when it comes to design process. Our structure and work culture is designed around the idea that we're a team striving for the same goals and that every single team member should feel like they can share ideas or criticisms on any portion of the game regardless of their role. Our offices are of an open design, where everyone can see everyone else and issues that might warrant a meeting in other studios are just a quick conversation away for us.

We are often asked how we're able to do so much in such little time. Besides the fact that Travis and others on the team do the work of three or four people, our structure and methods for essentially circumventing a traditional meeting unless absolutely necessary is a big part of this.

There is also much to be said for hands-on, practical, iterative game design over trying to solve things hypothetically within a design document. We're not completely dismissive of design docs, but in documents can be held with too high a regard. Sometimes it's just a matter of implementing it, playing it, tweaking it, and playing it again until you have the results you want.


The rest of the article is great, too.

Amazing Innovation

So incredibly creative, for one, but also so talented. The idea behind the art as well as the talent to be able to execute. Very, very cool.

Iron Giant

Happened to catch a rerun of this on TV the other weekend, which prompted me to break out the DVD for the girls again.

"Can a gun have a soul?" That's the question asked by criminally underrated animated film The Iron Giant, which opened 10 years ago to mostly empty theaters and sporadic press coverage.

Combining a relatively infant CGI style with traditional hand-drawn animation, director Brad Bird's award-winning but critically ignored feature animation debut pondered how a paranoid, post-war America might react to an overwhelmingly powerful interstellar invader. A decade on, the cult classic stands as arguably the most intellectually and emotionally moving science-fiction tale in recent history.

Agreed. Fantastic movie. One of the few animated flicks of the past decade that I look forward to repeated viewings.


Wow. Wanted to check on the Wimbledon finals to see if Roddick was an upset winner, or if Federer had captured his record-breaking 15th Grand Slam title.


Tuned in, now, the match in progress, watching still blistering serves (Federer has almost fifty aces so far), after 4+ hours of tennis. Absolutely amazing to watch the grit and determination and endurance on display by these two world-class athletes.

Update: final results are in. Federer ends up taking the fifth set 16-14, and is your gentleman's singles champion for 2009.


Two women talking in line in front of me this morning, while waiting to order breakfast. Presumably, they were discussing Michael Jackson's untimely death.

I feel really bad, because it kind of overshadows the whole Farrah Fawcett thing.

Awesome News When the A/C in Your Car is Broken

The National Weather Service office in Chahassen has issued a heat advisory for Hennepin and Ramsey Counties that is scheduled to be in effect from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The heat index is expected to reach 95 by late Tuesday morning and rise as high as 100 to 105 degrees during the afternoon.

Temperatures are expected to be in the mid to upper 90s.
Star Tribune


Lots of updates, lately, at I'm actually doing much more writing offline, and will continue to do so over the summer. Working toward an end-of-summer goal to have a finished manuscript ready to print.


InterfaceLift has posted some great images this week. Love me some DisplayFusion Pro, too, so I don’t have to decide which ones to use – just save to a directory on my PC and let them randomly rotate every hour.

Fresh From The Factory

A co-worker ordered some fresh Reese's a couple of months ago, and they were lights-out better than what you get from the corner store. Now they're getting ready to ship some Twizzlers. Do I need five pounds worth? Probably not. Doesn't mean I won't order some to share between friends, though...

Windows LiveWriter

So I’m going to give this tool a chance. Looks very promising, and very capable. I’ve grown less fond of MovableType’s UI for updating blog posts over the years, so now I can quickly (and easily) bypass that altogether. I very much like how easy it is to add images to posts – no FTP or file upload necessary. Just copy and paste.


Plus there are plenty of nifty effects available for images. Between a more robust text editor than Notepad (or even Notepad2), the ability to add multiple blogs to manage, future publishing dates, additional plugins, saving local drafts, and the better-than-average imaging tools, I think I might be sold.

Office Max Fashion Tips

Do-it-yourself emergency cufflinks: Although I don’t wear french cuffs all that often, I like the suggestion. And they don’t look half bad. Reminds me of an idea one of my co-workers shared awhile back, to use paper clips as collar stays.

Baby Steps


Looking at leveraging some new tools to make it much, much simpler to compose posts offline, and then publish them here (and elsewhere) whenever I want.

Fall Spectacular

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We're outside raking up some leaves, early November, and I'm wearing a tee-shirt and a favorite pair of faded and torn shorts that usually get put away for the season in early October. While I'm pushing the lawn mower back and forth across the yard (easier to vacuum up the leaves sometimes), the mercury is easily upwards of sixty degrees. Even decided to water the lawn a bit. Tomorrow's forecast approaches seventy. Unbelievably gorgeous weather that looks like it will hold up at least through Tuesday. Talk about Minnesota nice.

Let's Do This Thing

The election cycle would be that much more awesome if, instead of a third presidential debate, our candidates had a dance off.

Via Kottke.


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